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The Town of Murals – An Outdoor Art Gallery

About The Lake Placid Mural Society

WELCOME TO BEAUTIFUL UPTOWN LAKE PLACID! Founded by Bob & Harriet Porter in 1992, the Lake Placid Mural Society formed to beautify the town and tell its history. We invite you to walk through our internationally known historic outdoor art gallery with over 47 beautiful larger than life murals.  Some of these murals have sound, while most of them have hidden items.  Also, you will find 17 unique one-of-a-kind trash containers, all companion pieces to the murals, 45 bird plaques, over 27 clown cut-outs, a life size bronze Florida black bear and so much more. There are so many entertaining and informative adventures that await you in Lake Placid, Florida, “THE TOWN OF MURALS”, “THE TOWN WITH HISTORY ALL AROUND”, “THE CALADIUM CAPITOL OF THE WORLD”, “FLORIDA’S LAKE COUNTRY” AND “AMERICA’S MOST INTERESTING TOWN”, an honor given to the town of Lake Placid by Reader’s Digest after a nation-wide search .

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Mural Gallery

18 N. Oak Ave Lake Placid FL 33852

Lake Placid Mural
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